Ramsey House Photographs
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Ramsey House Basement

Group A
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Basement Laundry Area

Basement Stairs Light Switch

Stairs Up From Basement

Suitcase By Window

Basement Window Rim

Basement Telephone
Ramsey House Photographs
Ramsey House Basement
Jameson: "UP THE STAIRS.....This was taken as I went UP the basement stairs. It show how the door opens, effectively cuttng off the passage to the butler's pantry. Going from the butler's pantry to the basement would mean passing the door, turning around and THEN opening it. These photos are my own...."
Jameson: "WINDOW RIM.....This is interesting - - there was evidence that someone came in through this window - - a disturbance outside, leaves and such dragged in. Note the rim, I think it is logical to think anyone going in or out of that window might have snagged their clothing on that rim. But no one EVER indicated that the window well was emptied or that the material there was gone over with a fine tooth comb. I would like to know if that happened, and if it DID, was were the results of that investigation. Since the window was obviously a possible poit of entry, I think that discussing that window, the evidence at that window, might be interesting."
Jameson: "WASHER DRYER AREA......There were phones all over that house - one in JAR's bedroom, one in the den, one in the kitchen, and one that has never been mentioned before... This phone was in the basement, in the laundry area."
Jameson: "The light switch for the basement was in an odd place - - on the wall opposite the door, not easily seen."
Jameson: "SUITCASE BY THE WINDOW....This room was used to store art supplies and such - - the suitcase was not normally kept under the window. I have a couple mote photos of the window I would like to share - looking for hem...."

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